He didn’t get into IIT – the most prestigious institute in India. His parents had huge expectations from him as their kid was unique and better than everyone else. They’d full faith in him and knew that he won’t let them down. But now everything was over. The feeling of being a loser was killing him.

The chilly air was rushing into his face but he couldn’t know. His whole body was numb. Just one step ahead would remedy everything. Little did he know that life is a travel, if you miss one vehicle look out for other. If success is your destination, irrespective of the vehicle, you’ll reach there. Blood oozed out of his body, as he breathed his last. At least he wouldn’t have to get embarrassed in front of his family.


Conviction Perplexity

He sighed as the peon dumped another bunch of old dusty files on his desk. It was late, and he had promised her daughter that he’d take her to the cinema that night.

Today, as he walks into his new office he makes it a firm resolve to make sure that no one working under him faces a dilemma that he had to brawl out of.

Delayed Gratification

“Procrastination is not easy!” he said, “Not everyone can sit for 22 hours straight on a couch!”
“Neither is earning money easy,” his mother replied, “you can’t be dependant on your father for your entire life.”

Today, he stands in front of his mother’s grave who died starving. He wished, if he hadn’t delayed everything, he could have delayed his mother’s death.

The Enlightened

You want to live in a world
Where you have diamonds and gold
You’ll try to be strong and bold
But the geese are bitter and cold
Endure the pain, don’t forget Bruce Wayne
Don’t let yourself cry in vain
When you think you’re happy and life’s all good
You’re being naive, how much more you could
For success isn’t destiny
And you’re not like the many
Getting a glimpse of happiness was all that needed
To awaken the dragon within you which resided.


Dry leaves paved the lane. A boy whizzed past on his bicycle. Some leaves galloped into air as if displaying the immense energy they possessed, and some got crumbled ruthlessly as if their soul had been sucked out of them.

But who cares? They were dead anyway.