Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Isn’t it funny how we’re always taught that honesty is the best policy, and yet we’ve literally managed to reach that point where it has become hard to survive even a day without lying. Maybe in this fast-moving world a trivial lie can’t do much. Or can it?

How many times has it happened that you lied, and the person on the other end caught you? Apparently I’m pretty good at lying and can get away with almost anything, if I want to. Aren’t we all like this? We tend to do something till we don’t have to face its repercussions. Anyway, how many times did a lie actually drop you in a problem? Hardly any one in ten lies backfires.

We all know lying is a bad thing, even a six year old knows that. Then why is it that we’ve to lie at all? The answer—I suppose—is pretty simple. We just want to save ourselves the time to explain a particular situation. Lying has—to some extent—become a substitute for ‘none of your freaking business’; not just a substitute but also a reflex.

When a salesman comes to your door and presents an item with ‘flat 60% off’, when an ad says that McDonald’s Aloo Tikki is for just Rs. 25 now, or when an agent says that ‘this policy is best for you and your family, sir’; isn’t honesty literally screwed there?

This world stands because people lie. Let’s face it, honesty doesn’t take you anywhere. Your boss won’t promote you on learning that you took leave to watch your favourite TV show, but he’ll certainly admire the trait that you really care for people and you’re an ideal husband. Become an honest freak today, and they won’t call you a mahatma but rather tag you as a moron who seeks attention.

The world has changed, the phrases from the past don’t dwell well in the present. One truth can make you a hundred times better person but one lie can make it a thousand times simpler.


6 thoughts on “Is Honesty the Best Policy?

  1. It’s true. Most of the time we don’t have a choice and even though me might have to face the consequences later we lie to get away with the situation at least for the time being.. Lying has somehow turned into an inseparable part of us..

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  2. Look buddy, there are a few things I would like to express my views on.
    1.’Your boss won’t promote you on learning that you took leave to watch your favourite TV show’
    -That’s true but do you really think that a person who takes leaves for watching his/her TV show should even think of getting promoted ?That person lacks dedication and sincerity towards his/her job and these are traits are something a promotion-seeker must inculcate in himself/herself.

    2. ‘We just want to save ourselves the time to explain a particular situation’
    -> I am not denying the above statement but the majority of the times this is not the case. We lie because we are not strong enough to accept our mistakes and one lie leads to another ninety-nine lies.That’s why honest is said to be the best policy. It’s positive effects can be seen in the long run therefore a person has to be brave enough to accept the pain in the short.

    3.’The world has changed, the phrases from the past don’t dwell well in the present.’
    -> I strongly disagree with this statement as a whole. It’s true that the world has changed and will continue to change but humans have been facing similar problems regarding morality or ethics. I am saying so because when you read couplets written by geniuses like Vrind,Kabir,Rahim,Tulsi etc, you get knowledge which isn’t taught in schools and which if imbibed thoroughly, can ease out our lives a bit. And as they they, OLD IS GOLD.

    It’s a theory I made in which I believe completely: nothing is 100% . Lies are not completely harmful. They are in this world therefore they have some utility attached to them. We can make a list of their uses but in the long run, WE MUST AVOID LIES. And yes, the world as of now is not going in desired direction and is dependent on lies.

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  3. I was literally wondering why no one criticized the points I raised. And here you are, you perfectly pointed out the loopholes but

    1. You may be right but then you can’t deny the fact that all those people relaxing on their seats after promotion aren’t truly dedicated and sincere, are they? Yes, some are genuinely hardworking but then a little bit of smartness and shrewdness is something really important for survival in today’s world. That’s when the ability to ‘lie’ comes in handy.

    2. There are a thousand reasons to lie, I just mentioned one of them here because that is the most prominent one. That’s the type of lie everyone loathes and that is what I talk about in my post.

    3. Of course, old is gold. But who follows those teachings in today’s world? Probably just a handful of people.

    I’m just saying that today no one can survive without lying. It may not be what one wants but it certainly has transformed into a necessity. You don’t have to lie always, but under certain situations.


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