The Empire

There once was a man down the road
They called him strange and he lived all alone
His frivolous nature and different thoughts
Made everyone afraid and distraught
They mocked him behind his back
Threw away his clothes and burnt his shack
The Empire had turned him down.

There once was a woman different from all
Her way of life and beauty was frowned upon
The Empire paid no heed to her,
She was branded a witch and her life was a blur
Wretched men laughed at her shame
Harried onlookers passed on the blame
The Empire had turned her down.

They met on the banks of the river under moonlight
Her tears mixed in the water with time
They together made a home to live
Outside the empire’s barren drift
They lived happily together and didn’t care
But one fine day, to the call of wind
They left together, to search for their own kin.

The Empire had turned them down.


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