Confessions of a Psychopath (Part 1)

Every night
Before he went to sleep
He wished, that he wouldn’t wake up,
The next day,
The problem, he realised,
Was that he got too attached,
He was too nice to everyone,
And everyone took him for granted.

He cared for them,
And he trusted them,
They used him when they needed him,
And when their need was over,
They cast him out…like a leper,
Without a single thought,
that day, he realised,
that everything he believed in was complete blasphemy.

Frustration simmered inside him,
All of that pent-up rage and anger boiled up in him,
Slowly, patiently,
Chewing on him from inside,
Like a tumour of the brain,
Until one day, he couldn’t take it any more,
And he opened up, and let loose.

Years of anger and frustration
Leading to this moment,
All his rage rushed out,
Like an over-flowing vessel,
And without a thought for anyone,
He screamed, and tore at his hair,
He couldn’t take it any more,
He had to make things right.

The next day,
He set out with only one thing on his mind
Devoid of all remorse and empathy,
A macabre smile on his face,
A new manipulative personality
And a knife hidden in his overcoat,
Life seemed so much better, now that he knew what he had to do.

Why should he apologise for the person he was? No one ever apologised for making him that way.

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