The Holy Wars

A young man stands on the edge of the world
Patient and ready, waiting to be heard.

All his children searching for a place to hide
Scattered all around, soothing and nursing their pride.

The young man looks as chaos arises,
Vexed and indignant, he shamefully sighs.

“Has anyone in this land courage to look me in my eyes?
Full of greed and spite, though you will immorally deny.

You’ve gone adrift of your ways and you’ve lost your minds.
You’ve ruined your lives over the passage of time.

You’ve heard of this man named God and pretend to love his name,
Fight over moulded religions and beliefs and bicker in vain.

I know what I’ve seen and I know what I’ve done,
I’ve travelled the world, I am his only son.

Let us clear our minds, our souls and our thoughts,
Remind us all of the battles we have fought.

For though the world claims to have progressed towards peace,
A man kills another just for tucking into beef.

Let us pledge to never repeat these crimes,
Though the damage done, will only heal over time.”


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