In a Flame

He was like a matchstick, once his flame ceased, he would never burn again. It was then or never. He knew he could do it. He had to do it.

All it would take was ten seconds of insane courage, and something beautiful was to come of it – perhaps a candle, burning for infinity.


The Perfect Homicide

Bereft of footprints,
of Monsters and Men
Void of screams,
of movement within

No likelihood of loss or gain,
Much like Alfred Hitchcock’s
Strangers on a Train

No sight of a weapon,
Not a hair out of place
A murderer’s heaven,
An ever changing face

Etched on the face of the dead
No sign of injury,
Except a whack on the head

A viable alibi,
The possibilities are endless
A witness shy,
The other, knocked senseless

Not a single clue,
Or a resounding cry
Not a single lead,
The Perfect Homicide.

How Afraid Are You?

Every human being has a weakness. Some people know their weaknesses and some don’t. People aware of their weaknesses work out, in order to be strong enough to not be bullied.

Your fear can also be considered your weakness. ONLY IF YOU LET IT BE. Yes, that’s what fear is. It can be your ally or your your worst enemy. Want to become a strong person? Learn to control your fears, so that you can become fearless!

The moment you become fearless, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.



Actual Figmental

He was alone
But that didn’t scare him
His eyes rolled over to the telephone
Waiting for it to ring

It’s a small world, they say
Yet he craved for a friend
Or anyone who would
Walk with him on the way

Hunger, thirst and gloominess
No, that didn’t bother him
He would still be sharing
The slice of his bread

But then he discovered
All over again
There is not a soul in the whole world
With whom he could talk
Weep or share his troubles

No, he is not alone
How could he?
When he doesn’t even exist
Does he?


Not Afraid

When I opened the television set that day,
My heart gave a squeak and I was left with nothing to say.

In a sigh, I exhaled the stuck air,
As my heart went faster and faster.

Horrifying were those moments to my eyes,
There is so much beyond religion, when will they realize?

Right now, as Cupid flies with wounded wings,
Muster and go to your god and cling.

Beware, you sightless morons,
In a blink you all will be gone.

The city of love has still survived,
And trust me, it will continue to thrive.

Pray for humanity.

Sacred Sounds

Just when this world is about to fall,
To the Almighty we call.

When nothing seems to dawn in place,
Prayers, pilgrimages and offerings are braced.

Although we’ve explored the vast galaxies,
We’re still determined to tag our brothers across cities.

Be it religion, caste, colour or creed,
Human still doesn’t realize,
It is he who planted the vicious seed.

Today, people are killing their own kin,
And I hear just one chant, “We did it for Him.”

Where Shall We Hide The Body?

One step at a time,
Keep steady on your toes
It’s three O’ clock in the night,
Not a single sound should be heard.

Hush! Be still, darling,
Where’s the colour in your cheeks?
Go get me an odd farthing,
And wipe the blood off of the beams!

Not a soul to be seen,
In the fields or in the town.
Let’s get our hands clean,
And feed him to the hounds!

Let’s wipe our bloody trail
And find a place to hide,
Why, O Why do you look so pale,
When there’s no one in sight?

“Oh, I’m just a little shaken, Hon,
Surrounded by this deafening silence,
Oh, look, all the hounds are gone,
Let’s hope that no one knows of our dalliance!”

Here we are, alone and stranded!
A few steps shy of our goal,
A good chance of being caught red handed,
May God have mercy on our souls!

The town’s awake and the bells are-a-ringing,
Someone must have told the chief,
Everyone wants to witness a hanging,
While our heads are downcast in defeat!

We have a few minutes to spare,
As we look around in despair,

“Where shall we hide the body?”


The sands of time are running down,
The hands of death inch closer to midnight.
It’s time, dear.

Shadows move alone in the night
Spirits inch closer, entwining along vines.

When plants cover their eyes and shrink under their leaves,
When animals look for cover and try to go to sleep.

A scrawny hand, knocking on the window pane,
Surrounded by ghouls bound by chains.

The door creaks in deathly silence,
The light flashes, amidst sounds of violence.

Your blanket shifts in the dark,
The roaring, metronomic beats of your heart.

A hand slithers from under the bed,
arouse, arouse or soon you’ll be dead.

You flail around in your blanket, your mind, in a haze,
Sweat profusely, confused and dazed.

It’s time to scream.