Where Shall We Hide The Body?

One step at a time,
Keep steady on your toes
It’s three O’ clock in the night,
Not a single sound should be heard.

Hush! Be still, darling,
Where’s the colour in your cheeks?
Go get me an odd farthing,
And wipe the blood off of the beams!

Not a soul to be seen,
In the fields or in the town.
Let’s get our hands clean,
And feed him to the hounds!

Let’s wipe our bloody trail
And find a place to hide,
Why, O Why do you look so pale,
When there’s no one in sight?

“Oh, I’m just a little shaken, Hon,
Surrounded by this deafening silence,
Oh, look, all the hounds are gone,
Let’s hope that no one knows of our dalliance!”

Here we are, alone and stranded!
A few steps shy of our goal,
A good chance of being caught red handed,
May God have mercy on our souls!

The town’s awake and the bells are-a-ringing,
Someone must have told the chief,
Everyone wants to witness a hanging,
While our heads are downcast in defeat!

We have a few minutes to spare,
As we look around in despair,

“Where shall we hide the body?”


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