In the Light

I can see the light,
And hear laughter
I can see my life,
Full of joy and disaster

Full to the brim,
Of false highs and true lows
Now, at the brink,
Descending into the shadows

Last I remember,
I was alone in the winter
It was December,
And the fear of Death still lingered

Reminiscent of Life’s essence,
All the things that I’m leaving behind
Is this supposed to be my Renascence,
Or is clarity which clouds my mind?

The waiting is over,
It’s time for curtain
Into the light am I
Supposed to go,
Is it certain?

Is it paranoia?
Do we just live to die?
I can hear Death’s choir,
Singing about my true lies

Into the light I’m supposed to go,
I do not know where it leads
The Gods of Death point the way,
I do not know what to believe.


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