Eagle’s Eye (Part 1)

Creaking floors
Hinged doors,
In its walls
A thousand secrets dwelled;
The whole neighborhood gazed.

Inside the epitome of magnificence,
Children’s cries echoed
And voices of damsels chimed;
But all was once upon a time.

Suns rose and suns set,
The wretched day arrived.
The Royal Family disappeared,
Believed to have been massacred.

No witness, living or dead,
Just an Eagle with a white head.
On the old Oak it perched
And days and weeks passed.

What and who was a mystery,
Though everything was considered,
From the enemy kingdom
To a beast and a phantom.

Since it has been covered in mist,
The reticent, ancient giant.
Broken where dread had been,
Not another soul was ever seen.

The hawker who once passed near it
Claimed to have seen the Royal Family,
“The Queen and the King, didn’t at all grow,
It was a merry family, just like twelve years ago.”

Villagers called him a mad man
Threw him out of the town,
The Eagle saw it all
As it circled the ancient walls,
And to this day
Continues the moot mystery,
Of the place called Eagle’s Eye.

Click here to read the second part: Eagle’s Eye (Part II)


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