Eagle’s Eye (Part 2)

Click here to read the first part: Eagle’s Eye (Part I)

A strange man
With deceitful yet modest eyes,
Entered the city’s gates
Knowing that ahead, someone awaits.

Once a bustling market
Now stood lone,
But perhaps it was just night
Not villager’s plight.

It was a peasant who asked him,
Who was he?
He looked up, it was dawn
And without a word, he travelled on.

It was just time, when
Into the rotten heart
Of the city, he had reached
To begin the final deed.

He stood before Eagle’s Eye,
Though nothing was clear
In the growing mist;
His arms were now
Wide open, calling to it.

Without any delay
To his shoulder it plunged;
It shall always follow
Its master’s tinkle,
The white-headed Eagle.


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