He’s been alive for thirty three years. He lives everyday hoping that he just doesn’t die before he starts living.



Isn’t it incredible how people—who we think don’t even matter—become an inseparable part of our lives, in just a matter of time?


The leaves rustled
beneath my feet
The bed, unslept
with untouched sheets

Water rolling down the window
The blood flowing down the drain
As I look towards the sky,
My pain washes away with the rain

People passing,
And I, sitting alone
Nowhere to go,
And no place to call home

Then, a ray of light
Passing through my mind
A glimmer of hope,
Which I just had to find

Forming a rainbow in my eyes
Was there an angel in the sky?

Collaboration with Skullwarlock

Sins of the Walker

The old woman walked on
Leaving behind faint footsteps,
On the dusty road.
Each step boasted
Of the tale it had to tell,
Each step knew of a
Past full of sins.
Wind rushed
Like trying to catch hold
Of the bloody old crook,
Like every goddamn time.
Dust ran into a frenzy
Galloped into the air
Settled down slowly,
Again, waiting for somebody
Somebody, to tread upon,
For the umpteenth time;
And to be marred,
For the umpteenth time.
Waiting for another story
Of another silent sinner,
For the umpteenth time.
It’s always a past
Full of sins,
Every time,
Or just a big, big lie,
Every goddamn time.

Wandering Mind

I tried to tame her,
True, but she doesn’t halt
Running with the wind,
Searching for all my faults

She’s in my blood and in my water
Running ahead of time, which she kills
Trapped by peace and aplomb,
I’m sure she can never be still

No matter how I strive,
There’s a glint in her eyes
Searching, contemplating
As she flies

Waiting patiently,
Looking to see what she’ll find
Sitting with closed eyes,
Trying to calm my wandering mind.

Confessions of a Psychopath (Part 4)

I pity thee.
Yes you, you ordinary person.
So naive and content.
Obsessed with your small unimaginative world full of drones.
People, showcasing their ostensibly happy lives on social media, masquerading complete bullshit as insight and enlightenment.
Faking intimacy in a virtual reality.
Drinking tasteless, overpriced coffee and calling it palatable.
I pity thee.

“Round and round we go,
A swirl of colours and sounds 
Trapped, in an abyss full of snow
‘Til I feed you to the hounds.

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Confessions of a Psychopath (Part 3)

I’m about to be lynched.
Yeah, you have a good case, your own assumptions.
You think I deserve it.
After all, I killed her.
You think I’m vile, deranged, bad.
But don’t make your mind up just yet.
If there’s one thing I know, it’s that good and bad are relative concepts.
They aren’t conflicting. They are brothers.
Sometimes when you’re in luck, you get good old righteousness.
But more often than you think, its the other.
Me? I made my own fate. I adopted evil.
I commenced immortality.
And I’m not done yet.
I’ll be back.

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