I was Anonymous

I was fighting, but my enemy was anonymous
I was struggling, but the problem was anonymous
I was in pain, but my scar was anonymous

All was left to introspect, because I was anonymous.

What was left to realize was that I am my own worst enemy and my own ray of hope.



You thought you were strong
But then it hit you so hard,
You thought you’d be okay
By yourself,
Look at you now,
On your knees
Remembering your God!
You thought you’d cross
The damn desert
On your bicycle,
Look at you now,
So screwed up & cynical!
Crazy all those voices sounded
So you chose not to hear it,
Now you’re on your own, bud
Isn’t this what you always wanted?


What if my mom’s right
And Thomas wrong?
What if the world’s crazy
And that paper piece is all they want?
What if it was just freaking luck
With Gates, Jobs and Zuckerburg?
Ah, my shoes are tight,
I can’t walk right;
I sit gaping, though my mind’s dim,
Full to the edge, full to the brim.

For Thee, Almighty

O God! Are you pleased
When I knock them, pin them
Make them bleed?
I hope he knows it’s just for him!

O God! Are you pleased
When I cut them, slay them
Bring them peace?
I hope he knows it’s just for him!

O God! Were you pleased?
Now am dead, but I was brave
I did as you had speak
Here my soul waits on your gate

O, little did he know
That God is pleased,
Seeing the atheist
Help the old lady cross the street.

Walk On

Sometimes you feel like a loser
Sometimes you feel cheated
You feel like screaming
At the top of your voice
No one can save him, not even Christ
Your hands crave to squeeze
The life out of that bastard!
But you don’t know that
This is the tricky part
You gotta keep your cool
And you’ll know,
Your each stop forward
Is like a dagger’s mark
In the core of their heart


He tugged the rope one last time to make sure it was strong enough. It was. It’d easily hold something as hollow as a person with no hope, no faith and no morale.

When the door was slammed open, just a piece of paper was left behind to wipe the world’s tears. A piece of paper to justify an unjustifiable act.

“I request everyone to not pursue my case. It is in all consciousness that I am attempting to end my life. I was just an ordinary boy trying to live an extraordinary life in a strange, strange world.” As I stood there I did not know whether I pitied the boy more or this world that we live in.