The Soothsayer

I went to a seer,

To discover my future.

Questioned the seer,Why do thee seek thy future?”

“To brace myself”, I replied.

Dull-witted I was because,

If good things are coming, they’ll be a pleasant surprise.

If bad things are coming and I know in advance, I will suffer greatly before they even occur.

Love Snippet #2

Was it me
Or was it you
Who tore this
Heart into two?
I admit, I was afraid
Of the devil we had made,
I was the traveller
This road was mine
You jumped along
Cutting every single line,
A halfwit soaked in love
I knew it was over then
And maybe this was the reason why
We never made it to the end,
I held you in my arms
Fearing to let go
I never thought it’d be easy
And it wasn’t, no.


I climbed the mountains
Crossed the desert
Fell down on my face
But I got right back up
My legs do hurt
My glands do sweat
No, I’m not weak
I went on a mission
Not to goddamn stroll
But…did I give it my all?