Success Mantra

The degree of success is not determined by how talented you are or how much time you are willing to devote. It all comes in the end to how badly you want it.


The Soothsayer

I went to a seer,

To discover my future.

Questioned the seer,Why do thee seek thy future?”

“To brace myself”, I replied.

Dull-witted I was because,

If good things are coming, they’ll be a pleasant surprise.

If bad things are coming and I know in advance, I will suffer greatly before they even occur.

Love Snippet #2

Was it me
Or was it you
Who tore this
Heart into two?
I admit, I was afraid
Of the devil we had made,
I was the traveller
This road was mine
You jumped along
Cutting every single line,
A halfwit soaked in love
I knew it was over then
And maybe this was the reason why
We never made it to the end,
I held you in my arms
Fearing to let go
I never thought it’d be easy
And it wasn’t, no.


I climbed the mountains
Crossed the desert
Fell down on my face
But I got right back up
My legs do hurt
My glands do sweat
No, I’m not weak
I went on a mission
Not to goddamn stroll
But…did I give it my all?