When I was a kid,
There was no middle ground
No intermediary,
And certainly, no crooked characters

Everything was binary
It was as simple as that
You were either a one or a zero,
There were no anti-heroes

Everyone was either good or bad
You couldn’t be anything else
The world was a righteous place
And justice was the norm

I thought I was sovereign
And the world was my playground
But  life struck first
Without a single sound

I opened my eyes to dark light
And realised
My castle had been made of glass
And it had shattered in a trice

I saw tyranny all around
And people wearing masks
No, they weren’t superheroes
But liars, cheaters and murderers

But the rest
They were the worst of them all
Standing by, quietly,
With no hope nor cause

The world isn’t a bad place
Because of those who’re evil
It’s what it is because of 
Those who stand by and do nothing.




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