Everyday as I wake,
I try to wriggle free
Of the web of lies
that surrounds us all

With each attempt
I get more tangled
Muddled in deep
Never to be free

Caught in a loop,
With no end or beginning
Each day a futile process
To find my purpose in life

As I strive to escape
From this never ending sinkhole
With each step I move closer
But it pulls me back

As I run against the crowd
And all you zombies stare back
I seem to have no destination
But I know I’m on the wrong path

I can ever escape that sinking feeling
When I stop to catch my breath
No matter what I do
Or what I achieve

I’ll never be any different
I am human after all
As we all are,
Ghosts of the past
As we spend our lives searching for solace

I am an organism in this world
I didn’t ask to be born
And my life, does it even matter?

Its all so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. 


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