One step at a time,
One foot after the other
No more words to rhyme
No more sounds to utter

There are blisters on my feet
And lust in my eyes
A trail of blood behind me
And the memories of your lies

Your long, silky hair
And a voice that beguiled me on
Those men whom you claimed were acquaintances
Don’t worry about them, they’re gone

Here I come with bloody footprints
Albeit it will take some time
I hope you remember the amount you owe me
I assure you, I’ll take every last dime

I hope you have some last words in mind
I am not going to let this go
Your blood red lips and a hypnotizing smile
Ah, you put up such a good show

At last I stand before your door
I believe your time is come
Just let me savor every moment
Neiman, will you please roll the drums?

My thirst for revenge is over.


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