Untold Stories of the West

When I was a kid,
My dad told me to grow up and be a man
I put my stuff in a bag
And left him to tend to his land

On my way,
Across the rocky terrain
I saw the most beautiful girl,
She went by the name of Elaine

She sat alone,
Near the bank of the stream
At ease alongside the water
She was the girl of my dreams

I greeted her,
With a flower in my hand
And nervously stuttered,
“You’re the prettiest girl in all of the land.”

She glanced at me
With her charming eyes
And laughed so hard
She fell into the river beside

She shrieked for help
Her eyes wide,
I stood still and yawned
She had wounded my pride

I looked in the river
And peered at my reflection
My face stared back
I must admit, it wasn’t sculpted to perfection

My face, it seemed
Was shaped like a hard boiled egg
It wasn’t good at all
But I looked perfect to beg

I felt crestfallen for a second
But then I gathered my trust
I had a lot to do
I still had that wanderlust

Day and night,
Across woodlands and desert snow
I traveled across the country
And went with the flow

Until on Midsummer’s eve
I reached a town
I will not divulge its name
But there I finally slowed down

I had heard a lot of legends about that place
That the people were corrupt, wicked and foul
And at night the place was home to
Witches, sorcerers, necromancers and ghouls

I found a room in an inn
An ordered a fine glass of Cabernet
What happened in that town?
Well, that is a story for another day

Note: I will consider posting the next part based on the feedback to this one. 




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