Repentance of the Dim

She was young
And I was young
We were full of mischief
One day she said
She wants to hunt
But I was reluctant
We had a talk
More like a brawl
We were almost done
I was the lad
I couldn’t run
I was expected
To be the desperate one
I had no choice
And without more noise
Into the forest we went
With bow on arrow
And spear in hand
We were going to
Kill the biggest cat
Out of nowhere it came
The petrifying beast
It was the biggest boar I had ever seen
I looked at her
She was on her knees
Scared to death and crying
My life flashed
Before my eyes
And then I realised
What a shit I had been
“The man with his girl
Off to kill the biggest cat
Got killed by love
Killed by an effing boar.”
Alas with regret
I counted my last seconds
And in my mind it echoed
Why did I let her win?


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