Hey Dad

Hey Dad,
You do not understand
But I want to cry on your lap
I need someone to pat me on the back
Someone to show me the right path!
You always told me never to crack
Always taught me to fight back
But why did that teacher got pissed
When I landed a punch on that big kid
I realize that I barely missed
His nose, but it wasn’t my fault
I hope you can read this
I have been dying to talk to you
I miss you,
I want to thank you, for everything
From pushing me flat on the ground
To lending me your hand
As bit by bit you made me a man,
When will you come back?
Tell me when!
Your cub lies hungry
In your very own den.


Another One Bites the Dust

I’ve waited a long time for this
but now you’re finally here, miss
you caught my eye
since then, it’s been a while
you’re in my insipid dreams
where demons lie
just wait for me dear
there’s nothing to fear
because now I’ve got my chance
to take you to the dance
you’ll look flawless dressed in white
I’ll shine my shoes bright
we’ll count the stars in the night
and prance around under moonlight
then we’ll have the dance…
of death

P.S. I know, obvious inspiration for the title from Queen. Sue me.


can you
define reality
and prove that it exists
or will we
forever be resigned
to live like slaves upon a hill
day after day
our backs bare under the Sun
as we dig into the Earth
to unspool its web of secrets
we get tangled all the more
the world never makes sense
unless we force it to

we talk and talk
of freedom and independence
we are never free
and never will be
we are the slaves of the world
at its mercy and command
we will never be free


​There was a day
I flew high
My flight knew no bounds
I was above the rest
The world beneath my crest
And harder was the fall.

There was a day
I had become wary
I had learnt the lesson,
I flew close to the land.
Yet the world was above me
And far above the land and the sea
And stood looking down on me.

Then I turned.
I turned away from the wind
And away from the flock.
No one above whom
I could fly,
No one above me
To make me cry
Or have me sigh,
There was a day
And I had learnt to fly.


​The worst thing about poems is that they have to end

Why can’t we for once change the rules, make them bend?

Once the pen starts flowing, I wish it never has to stop

Once my eyes make sense of someone else’s words, I wish the magic never stops

Poems are one of my many escapes, I wish this journey never has to stop.


I have cried infinite times
Tears rolling down my cheeks
Tried stitching together rhymes
Hoping to fix the leaks.

Smashed my head on the wall
Making a void in the bricks
Again tried to cement it all
Hoping to fix the leaks.

Is my mind playing games?
Because I’ve been hallucinating for weeks
I’ve been wanting to catch a train
Hoping to fix the leaks.

Maybe I am an idiot
Who doesn’t know what he seeks
Maybe I fear to admit it
But never really tried to fix the leaks.

non compos mentis

I can see rainbows form
Through the water in my eyes
With the minutes passing by
Things will never be alright
As I breathe

Waiting by the phone
For a call that’ll never come
I will never feel at home
As I breathe

Looking at the mirror
I can never see myself
Just a monster by the shelf
Who can never scream for help
Oh, won’t you save me?

Suffocating on my thoughts
Drowning in my tears
I can never face my fears
Oh, won’t you help me?

Sleepwalking while I’m awake
Can’t tell what’s real or fake
Oh, won’t you make me?

Black and white rainbows
Drain the color from my eyes
Things will never be alright
Oh, won’t you help me?

Help me.