Swords clash
Cries of battle envelop the moans of the wounded
The face of the earth
Cackles intermittently
As it swallows men and demons alike
It does not discriminate

Clouds scream and burst
As they cover the ground
With their blood red spit
Men raise their shafts
And spears and swords
As they engage in war
Fighting for primitive notions of control and power

I crawl, a lone cowardly sight
With my metaphorical tale between my legs
A  shield covering my chagrined face
Survival is the endgame

I hide beneath a pile of dead bodies
As vultures tear them apart
And dig into their soft, fleshy parts
I pray to strengthen my resolve
And wait for my wounds to heal

A new battle begins.
I will come out again, stronger.
War never ends.
It may adjourn for a little while,
To fool you into thinking that everything is alright
But it is always lurking in the dark,
Loitering in the shadows
Waiting, for you to slip up,
For you to make a mistake
And then, it strikes.
War never ends.


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