A state of zero pain
Or just a gust of comfort?
Maybe satisfaction
Not a pinch more
Not a pinch less
I don’t know
What is happiness?

In the arms of nature
Or top of the tallest tower
Maybe at home
Locked up in a room
Under that blue dress
I don’t know
Where is happiness?

In the yellow old book
Page three hundred sixty
A dried leaf to wink
A dried flower to caress,
In faded black ink
I found happiness.



No control on my mind
The countless thoughts
It winds
One after the other
From dawn to supper
From supper to dawn
And on and on and on,
There’s no stopping
I can feel the throbbing
This obsession is crazy
It has total control, no!
It’s like a monster
That’s eating up my brain
I try to resist but all in vain,
The only option I see
Is to let it wander
Break the chain
And set my mind free.


A thousands words to say
Not a soul to hear
All the times they betrayed
All the grudges he bears.

The dim smile he gave
The empty words of his prayers
He knows one thing for sure
That life isn’t fair.

It’s a full circle
No matter where you start
A fall in the middle
Or breakdown at 2πr.

The road is ordinary
But the man, he’s not
Say what you wanna say
But one day he’ll be
Above you all.