The Soothsayer

I went to a seer,

To discover my future.

Questioned the seer,Why do thee seek thy future?”

“To brace myself”, I replied.

Dull-witted I was because,

If good things are coming, they’ll be a pleasant surprise.

If bad things are coming and I know in advance, I will suffer greatly before they even occur.



The past has made me who I am today and what I am today will form my future.
Instead of worrying about the future, I’ll be worrying about the present ME.

I was Anonymous

I was fighting, but my enemy was anonymous
I was struggling, but the problem was anonymous
I was in pain, but my scar was anonymous

All was left to introspect, because I was anonymous.

What was left to realize was that I am my own worst enemy and my own ray of hope.

The Judgementals

Who doesn’t resent being criticized?
But who resents criticizing the world?
The naive judges every person,
Perfect he isn’t, he doesn’t know.

Why do they judge?
Jealousy some say,
Some say its a tendency.

Unaware they are,
To the wise what matters is, it doesn’t matter what anyone says.

Affliction is Nothing New

Affliction is nothing new,
Seems nobody can be sadder than me,
A fear of happiness has arisen.

Days have passed,
But with lack of pleasure.
What can I do, when I know I can’t do anything,
Contempt, it truly is.

Unwise it is to run from mazes,
Wisdom it is to run inside mazes.
Wish I knew it before,
For then I wouldn’t have said, affliction is nothing new.

How Afraid Are You?

Every human being has a weakness. Some people know their weaknesses and some don’t. People aware of their weaknesses work out, in order to be strong enough to not be bullied.

Your fear can also be considered your weakness. ONLY IF YOU LET IT BE. Yes, that’s what fear is. It can be your ally or your your worst enemy. Want to become a strong person? Learn to control your fears, so that you can become fearless!

The moment you become fearless, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.