Sick Love

Sick and tired of your burning mess
Its all your fault, anyone can guess
I’m leaving baby don’t try and stop me now,
You don’t have a say, more or less

Stop it girl, don’t give me that face
I’m gonna pack my things, won’t leave a trace
Cut your whining and quit wasting my time
Hey hey girl, you don’t have a case

A sigh of relief, now I’m finally on the train
Looking at you staring at me in the rain
Don’t cry baby, I won’t be back
Flush all your memories down the drain

Looking back, you used to drive me wild
Had me on a leash while I was blind
Pay attention when I say this girl
You’re a crooked old witch, and I’m being kind


God’s Giant Chessboard

Who’s the ruler of the world?
Who’s the strongest of us all?
Hidden in obscure shadows
While we take the fall

With a throaty laugh
He rolls the dice
As the Earth crumbles
He sets the price

I will find this false God
I will make him pay
I will strip him of his mask
So we can have our way

Aspiring to uncover
His blatant lies
Its all a giant conspiracy
And we’re the ones left to die

We run around in circles
Looking for someone to blame
Indifferent to our sedentary lives
We’re perfect for his aim

In the end, he’ll drag me down
And cut my tongue off
he’ll look me in the eye
And shake his head and scoff

How naive was I to think
That I could save the world
Just a pawn on God’s chessboard
Without a voice to be heard

Sand Castles

Treading on glass floors
In castles made of sand
We have no where to go
On this land

Cracks in the walls
But the foundation is sound
On some sunny day
We’ll be found

We might stay here everyday
Till eternity lasts
In castles made of sand
Time flies fast

Whatever may be the case
I’ll accept my fate
We have no say
In our fragile state

Castles made of sand
Are laid waste by waves
Deceased and forgotten
In a daze

We fight with fire and stone
Hand in hand
But we can never be safe
In castles made of sand 

I’ve got the Blues

Swimming in the deep
With a hole in my heart
I fail to breathe
I don’t know where to start

Specks of blood float around
Like memories of the past
Confined by hopelessness
I don’t know for how long this will last

Descending into the depths
Like God’s own anchor
Looking straight into Death’s unflinching eyes
I might just thank her
Oh, I might

Seems like my time is done
I’m dazed by all my thinking
Looking back at all the battles I’ve won
This time, I think I might be sinking
Oh, I might

The ways of the world drove me round the bend
But why, oh why don’t I want this to end?
I can hear the bells chime
I think its time
Oh yes, its time





Surrounded by these walls
These grey, soulless walls
Encumbered forever
By my thoughts and ambitions
Cornered in the dark
By my tired decisions
The myriad small rodents and parasites
Out for my flesh
As I tip-toe across the floor
To escape these insects
Hushed voices in the night
As I tremble in my arms
And clench my eyes shut
The wobbling closet in my mind
Convulsing and shivering,
Frees my inner demons
Out in the open
Panic sets inside the four walls of my sanity
These abused, collapsing walls
Of this never ending room.

There is no escape.




Wake up
It’s time to start the day
Living in a daydream
Immune to everything that comes my way
Of a land far away
Looking forward to the past
Why shouldn’t I enjoy it while it lasts?

As I float away
In a spectrum of cosmic space
I can see diamonds on the Sun
With gravity on the run
Stars shine throughout the endless light
And as I revel in the beauty
I fall
Why does time fly so fast?

Back down on the Earth
There are cold embers in the hearth
I seek warmth in my flesh
Devoid of all happiness
Sinking into the dark, hollow depths
Of  my mind

Another One Bites the Dust

I’ve waited a long time for this
but now you’re finally here, miss
you caught my eye
since then, it’s been a while
you’re in my insipid dreams
where demons lie
just wait for me dear
there’s nothing to fear
because now I’ve got my chance
to take you to the dance
you’ll look flawless dressed in white
I’ll shine my shoes bright
we’ll count the stars in the night
and prance around under moonlight
then we’ll have the dance…
of death

P.S. I know, obvious inspiration for the title from Queen. Sue me.


can you
define reality
and prove that it exists
or will we
forever be resigned
to live like slaves upon a hill
day after day
our backs bare under the Sun
as we dig into the Earth
to unspool its web of secrets
we get tangled all the more
the world never makes sense
unless we force it to

we talk and talk
of freedom and independence
we are never free
and never will be
we are the slaves of the world
at its mercy and command
we will never be free

non compos mentis

I can see rainbows form
Through the water in my eyes
With the minutes passing by
Things will never be alright
As I breathe

Waiting by the phone
For a call that’ll never come
I will never feel at home
As I breathe

Looking at the mirror
I can never see myself
Just a monster by the shelf
Who can never scream for help
Oh, won’t you save me?

Suffocating on my thoughts
Drowning in my tears
I can never face my fears
Oh, won’t you help me?

Sleepwalking while I’m awake
Can’t tell what’s real or fake
Oh, won’t you make me?

Black and white rainbows
Drain the color from my eyes
Things will never be alright
Oh, won’t you help me?

Help me.