Anmol Gupta

I’d like to thank R’I’P and SkullWarlock for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It has been a quite some time since we got nominated but I finally got sufficient time to answer this. Sorry for the delay! Following are the answers to the questions I was asked to answer by Rohit.

1. If you won the lottery, what would you do?

Behaving selflessly from the very beginning isn’t my cup of tea. So, firstly, I’ll get everything I couldn’t because of low budget. I’ll deposit the rest in the bank and then I will certainly donate a part of it to an organization.

2. If you had a chance for a ‘do-over’ in life, what would you do differently?

Nothing. Because that’d mean my life would be way more different than it is today and I surely don’t want that. 🙂

3. On a sleepless night, which would you prefer:- 4AM friend or 4AM snack?

A 4AM snack, definitely. I try not to bother people much. Moreover, friends can react severely and you can’t even bite them off.

4. What was the best compliment you received for your writings and from whom?

All compliments mean a lot to us. They encourage us to work more on the blog. R’I’P has been a constant admirer of my blog and the posts we do. He has given us some really nice feedback and compliments.

5. What is your best childhood memory?

These memories are innumerable. However, one thing I miss a lot about childhood is not having any actual responsibility. You could roam carefree in the house, lay down on the couch, literally waste time and no one would give a hoot.

6. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

Everywhere. Anywhere. Because we travel not just to go but to evolve. Embrace new experiences, endlessly changing horizons, and each brand new day as a way of living. Living for airports, planes, buses, boats, trains, road trips. Stopping frequently, to just stare and digest the incredible beauty of this world. Finding clarity in the blur of places zooming past me. Travelling is not just about the places you go to, but it’s actually a way of living, and infinitely gorgeous.

7. If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be?

All my writings. Together. Binded. Like a book. Wow.

The 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Real friends too, yeah. They’re cool.

All my books, novels and even my Kindle

My mind. All the thoughts that I garnished in these 16 years of my life.

8. What are your top three favorite books and why?

Angels and Demons – I haven’t read a thriller like this in my whole life. It is an ingeniously well written book. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Harry Potter Series – I don’t think this one needs an explanation.

The Alchemist – This was a very different book for me. It was like a completely new experience, loved it!

9. What feels like love to you?

I may be wrong because I’m not really good at this, but I’ll write what I think. Love is that stage of life when you’ve bonded with a person so well that you can completely open to them, even with your deepest and darkest thoughts. You know they will never hurt you, you can cry with them, they’re there to hold you together in your ups and downs of life. If love is genuine then it should feel something like a jigsaw puzzle with every piece in place.

10. If you could witness any event of past, present or future, what it would be?

I’d like to witness India of the future. A nation of one billion citizens with each on of them having proper education and having the courage to step up whenever someone violates their fundamental rights. A nation where the income gap minimizes. An India where people have realized that religion or caste should never be allowed to become the primary reason for social division. That’s pretty much my dream.

11. What will the last line of your autobiography read?

Life went on but he preserved himself forever onto the pages he had scribbled.

The official rules of the Liebster Award:

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And following are my questions that I would like you to answer.

  1. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  2. What according to you is the best thing about your country?
  3. What one TV Show, book or movie would you ask everyone to watch/read at least once in their life and why?
  4. Would you prefer to travel alone, with family or with friends and why?
  5. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
  6. Which one skill would like to learn that you don’t already know and why?
  7. Who is your favourite superhero and why?
  8. What makes you nervous?
  9. What makes you feel better when you’re not feeling so well?
  10. Who is your role model?
  11. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received regarding anything?