God’s Giant Chessboard

Who’s the ruler of the world?
Who’s the strongest of us all?
Hidden in obscure shadows
While we take the fall

With a throaty laugh
He rolls the dice
As the Earth crumbles
He sets the price

I will find this false God
I will make him pay
I will strip him of his mask
So we can have our way

Aspiring to uncover
His blatant lies
Its all a giant conspiracy
And we’re the ones left to die

We run around in circles
Looking for someone to blame
Indifferent to our sedentary lives
We’re perfect for his aim

In the end, he’ll drag me down
And cut my tongue off
he’ll look me in the eye
And shake his head and scoff

How naive was I to think
That I could save the world
Just a pawn on God’s chessboard
Without a voice to be heard



​There was a day
I flew high
My flight knew no bounds
I was above the rest
The world beneath my crest
And harder was the fall.

There was a day
I had become wary
I had learnt the lesson,
I flew close to the land.
Yet the world was above me
And far above the land and the sea
And stood looking down on me.

Then I turned.
I turned away from the wind
And away from the flock.
No one above whom
I could fly,
No one above me
To make me cry
Or have me sigh,
There was a day
And I had learnt to fly.


Everyday as I wake,
I try to wriggle free
Of the web of lies
that surrounds us all

With each attempt
I get more tangled
Muddled in deep
Never to be free

Caught in a loop,
With no end or beginning
Each day a futile process
To find my purpose in life

As I strive to escape
From this never ending sinkhole
With each step I move closer
But it pulls me back

As I run against the crowd
And all you zombies stare back
I seem to have no destination
But I know I’m on the wrong path

I can ever escape that sinking feeling
When I stop to catch my breath
No matter what I do
Or what I achieve

I’ll never be any different
I am human after all
As we all are,
Ghosts of the past
As we spend our lives searching for solace

I am an organism in this world
I didn’t ask to be born
And my life, does it even matter?

Its all so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. 


I can hear people talking
All around
I can see their lips moving
But I can hear no sound

See their feet tapping
See the light in their eyes
Who are they trying to trick
I can see their lies

Everything’s an act,
Executed to perfection
As I sit on the edge
With my own preconceptions

I may be wrong
At least I have the audacity to say so
But I just can’t envisage the world
Simply going with the flow

You think I’m cavalier
You can’t be more mistaken
I’ve seen my fair share
My faith isn’t shaken

I can hear people’s thoughts
I can hear their groove
They’re all too generic
I can predict their next move

Everyone’s identical,
They exist to fill the Earth
The few who are original
Of them there is a real dearth


When I was a kid,
There was no middle ground
No intermediary,
And certainly, no crooked characters

Everything was binary
It was as simple as that
You were either a one or a zero,
There were no anti-heroes

Everyone was either good or bad
You couldn’t be anything else
The world was a righteous place
And justice was the norm

I thought I was sovereign
And the world was my playground
But  life struck first
Without a single sound

I opened my eyes to dark light
And realised
My castle had been made of glass
And it had shattered in a trice

I saw tyranny all around
And people wearing masks
No, they weren’t superheroes
But liars, cheaters and murderers

But the rest
They were the worst of them all
Standing by, quietly,
With no hope nor cause

The world isn’t a bad place
Because of those who’re evil
It’s what it is because of 
Those who stand by and do nothing.



The Soothsayer

I went to a seer,

To discover my future.

Questioned the seer,Why do thee seek thy future?”

“To brace myself”, I replied.

Dull-witted I was because,

If good things are coming, they’ll be a pleasant surprise.

If bad things are coming and I know in advance, I will suffer greatly before they even occur.

I was Anonymous

I was fighting, but my enemy was anonymous
I was struggling, but the problem was anonymous
I was in pain, but my scar was anonymous

All was left to introspect, because I was anonymous.

What was left to realize was that I am my own worst enemy and my own ray of hope.


He tugged the rope one last time to make sure it was strong enough. It was. It’d easily hold something as hollow as a person with no hope, no faith and no morale.

When the door was slammed open, just a piece of paper was left behind to wipe the world’s tears. A piece of paper to justify an unjustifiable act.

“I request everyone to not pursue my case. It is in all consciousness that I am attempting to end my life. I was just an ordinary boy trying to live an extraordinary life in a strange, strange world.” As I stood there I did not know whether I pitied the boy more or this world that we live in.