March 2

Today’s one of those days
You wish you could skip.
Am I in Hell?
Haha, you wish.

A part of you wants to
Persevere and win,
But lost in what lies ahead
A part of you is already dead.


Liberam Tandem

Today he won’t sleep with
Regret in his eyes
Nor the fear of failure
In his heart
Today there will be no
Ghost of the Christmas past
So long, at last

Obscure Sorrow

She taps on my car’s window
Asks me to roll the glass low
I recognize that action
She begs for money for today’s ration

Her clothes are most shabby
Even her hair look almost rusty
But she still looks full of grace
Maybe it is the dust on her face

Her eyes are dry though
The moisture’s long gone
She’s lifeless and cannot be saved
Her childhood’s long gone

I want to help her
She looks like she’s starving
I want to help her
She may even be dying

But I still ignore her
Because that’s what I’ve been taught
She moves on,
Taps on the next car’s window
Because that’s what she’s been taught


It is released from rest
On top of the incline
Every second squared
It only gets fine,
Oh that friction
So despicable
And loathsome,
Not constant lament
It deserves
Not blatant disregard,
If not for the scratches
And the rubble
There to fine
How would a marble
Ever get its shine


When the final war ceased
When every breath stopped
The world became silent
Only to be broken
By the cry of an infant
There was no bird in the sky
There was no story teller
There was no place to hide
No brotherhood, no pride
As the infant’s cry stops
We race towards extinction
All too many predictions
But what for?
Who knew
This would be the last war?
Who knew
When no one wants to live
Even God runs out of
Fucks to give?

The Reflection

At times I stand
In front of the mirror
Stare at my reflection
Till I am no longer

It is a stranger
Looking at me
Straight into my eyes
He understands me

I speak out the dilemma
He starts suggesting
I make a confession
But he knows everything

It is a friend
A light in the dark
We put forward our hands
I feel the spark

Now we are head to head
I can feel his warmth
I close my eyes
And he is gone

God’s Giant Chessboard

Who’s the ruler of the world?
Who’s the strongest of us all?
Hidden in obscure shadows
While we take the fall

With a throaty laugh
He rolls the dice
As the Earth crumbles
He sets the price

I will find this false God
I will make him pay
I will strip him of his mask
So we can have our way

Aspiring to uncover
His blatant lies
Its all a giant conspiracy
And we’re the ones left to die

We run around in circles
Looking for someone to blame
Indifferent to our sedentary lives
We’re perfect for his aim

In the end, he’ll drag me down
And cut my tongue off
he’ll look me in the eye
And shake his head and scoff

How naive was I to think
That I could save the world
Just a pawn on God’s chessboard
Without a voice to be heard

Sand Castles

Treading on glass floors
In castles made of sand
We have no where to go
On this land

Cracks in the walls
But the foundation is sound
On some sunny day
We’ll be found

We might stay here everyday
Till eternity lasts
In castles made of sand
Time flies fast

Whatever may be the case
I’ll accept my fate
We have no say
In our fragile state

Castles made of sand
Are laid waste by waves
Deceased and forgotten
In a daze

We fight with fire and stone
Hand in hand
But we can never be safe
In castles made of sand 


A state of zero pain
Or just a gust of comfort?
Maybe satisfaction
Not a pinch more
Not a pinch less
I don’t know
What is happiness?

In the arms of nature
Or top of the tallest tower
Maybe at home
Locked up in a room
Under that blue dress
I don’t know
Where is happiness?

In the yellow old book
Page three hundred sixty
A dried leaf to wink
A dried flower to caress,
In faded black ink
I found happiness.


No control on my mind
The countless thoughts
It winds
One after the other
From dawn to supper
From supper to dawn
And on and on and on,
There’s no stopping
I can feel the throbbing
This obsession is crazy
It has total control, NO!
It’s like a monster
That’s eating up my brain
I try to resist but all in vain,
The only option I see
Is to let it wander
Break the chain
And set my mind free.