Love Snippet #4

Oh it would feel so good
To have someone
To listen to all you have to say
To never having to say goodbye
You be the one for her
She be the one for you
Just feeling each other
For the rest of our days


Love Snippet #3

Because when the Sun
Rises in the west
And sets in the east
I’ll still be waiting
With a flower in my hand
And drowning in our past
Inch by inch, feet by feet

Love Snippet #2

Was it me
Or was it you
Who tore this
Heart into two?
I admit, I was afraid
Of the devil we had made,
I was the traveller
This road was mine
You jumped along
Cutting every single line,
A halfwit soaked in love
I knew it was over then
And maybe this was the reason why
We never made it to the end,
I held you in my arms
Fearing to let go
I never thought it’d be easy
And it wasn’t, no.