The Great Unknown (Part 2)

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For three days and nights
They lived on,
Afloat on wood and rubble
Barely alive,
Searching for light,
And an eye out to look for trouble

But on the fourth,
They gave up hope
And looked to the heavens and cried
Driven to madness,
Fury and torment,
The mariners, they wished they died

Fog and mist,
Devoured them whole,
Laughter, echoed all around
The sailors, scared
Looked around in despair,
There was no mistaking the growling of hounds

As blind as bats
Scared and scrawny like rats,
The sailors had no choice but to be
Little did they know,
They were surrounded by ghosts
Heading towards them with glee

Skeletal, paper-thin hands crept out from the water
And grabbed the sailors one by one
The sailors’ last thoughts,
Of the wives and daughters
As they were dragged,
Deep into the depths of the ocean

Pale, ghostly living dead,
With eyes as red as blood,
Clamped their mouths,
And clutched their wrists,
And heaved them down
Towards the ocean floor

The sailors wide-eyed,
Were in for a surprise
And they prayed,
To each his own,
Yanked down they were, into the dark
Towards the Great Unknown.


The Great Unknown (Part 1)

Few men of yore,
Put ship to sail
In the days gone by
They bid adieu, and left the shore,
A storm brewing in the sky

The wind blew hard
And the sky was pitch-black
Lightning struck the mast,
Into the storm the ship sailed on,
Towards the Great Unknown

Thunder and Lightning,
Moans and groans
And muffled prayers for help,
The tyrannous ship had a mind of its own,
Full of water and weeds and kelp

The sailors, powerless, looked up
Towards the perpetual sky,
A bolt of blue
Split the ship in two,
And all the men, oh, they did cry

Pieces of wood, rock and stone
Were latched upon by men,
They kept afloat,
on barrels and drums
And at long last the Sun shone once again

The wicked sea,
Had downed the ship,
The Sailors were its slaves
All alone, not a soul in sight,
Should the sea be their grave?

All alone in the silent sea,
Dying of hunger and thirst,
The sailors, they did not know
What was to come
Would be the worst.

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