Sick Love

Sick and tired of your burning mess
Its all your fault, anyone can guess
I’m leaving baby don’t try and stop me now,
You don’t have a say, more or less

Stop it girl, don’t give me that face
I’m gonna pack my things, won’t leave a trace
Cut your whining and quit wasting my time
Hey hey girl, you don’t have a case

A sigh of relief, now I’m finally on the train
Looking at you staring at me in the rain
Don’t cry baby, I won’t be back
Flush all your memories down the drain

Looking back, you used to drive me wild
Had me on a leash while I was blind
Pay attention when I say this girl
You’re a crooked old witch, and I’m being kind


I’ve got the Blues

Swimming in the deep
With a hole in my heart
I fail to breathe
I don’t know where to start

Specks of blood float around
Like memories of the past
Confined by hopelessness
I don’t know for how long this will last

Descending into the depths
Like God’s own anchor
Looking straight into Death’s unflinching eyes
I might just thank her
Oh, I might

Seems like my time is done
I’m dazed by all my thinking
Looking back at all the battles I’ve won
This time, I think I might be sinking
Oh, I might

The ways of the world drove me round the bend
But why, oh why don’t I want this to end?
I can hear the bells chime
I think its time
Oh yes, its time




non compos mentis

I can see rainbows form
Through the water in my eyes
With the minutes passing by
Things will never be alright
As I breathe

Waiting by the phone
For a call that’ll never come
I will never feel at home
As I breathe

Looking at the mirror
I can never see myself
Just a monster by the shelf
Who can never scream for help
Oh, won’t you save me?

Suffocating on my thoughts
Drowning in my tears
I can never face my fears
Oh, won’t you help me?

Sleepwalking while I’m awake
Can’t tell what’s real or fake
Oh, won’t you make me?

Black and white rainbows
Drain the color from my eyes
Things will never be alright
Oh, won’t you help me?

Help me. 


It’s been a long time
Since I last wrote a song
I’ve been running,
And hiding for much too long

I know it’s been a while
Since I last sat to write
But I’ve been trying
Hard not to fight

I just wish that I don’t
Always have to rhyme
Get my mind
To stop running after crime

No Hansel and Gretel
To lead me through crumbs
The voices in my mind
Have never been more numb

As I sit with a blank page in my hand
Running down the clock
I believe,
That they call it writer’s block

Can’t distinguish
Between emotions any more
It’s like I’m living in a daze
Washed up ashore

Bordering on obsession
My urge to write something original
But all that I get on paper
Seems ostensibly dull

I don’t know how I’ve written this
I’ll never be content
The silence in my brain
Seems to give its own consent.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Sue me.




Wandering Mind

I tried to tame her,
True, but she doesn’t halt
Running with the wind,
Searching for all my faults

She’s in my blood and in my water
Running ahead of time, which she kills
Trapped by peace and aplomb,
I’m sure she can never be still

No matter how I strive,
There’s a glint in her eyes
Searching, contemplating
As she flies

Waiting patiently,
Looking to see what she’ll find
Sitting with closed eyes,
Trying to calm my wandering mind.

The Perfect Homicide

Bereft of footprints,
of Monsters and Men
Void of screams,
of movement within

No likelihood of loss or gain,
Much like Alfred Hitchcock’s
Strangers on a Train

No sight of a weapon,
Not a hair out of place
A murderer’s heaven,
An ever changing face

Etched on the face of the dead
No sign of injury,
Except a whack on the head

A viable alibi,
The possibilities are endless
A witness shy,
The other, knocked senseless

Not a single clue,
Or a resounding cry
Not a single lead,
The Perfect Homicide.


The sands of time are running down,
The hands of death inch closer to midnight.
It’s time, dear.

Shadows move alone in the night
Spirits inch closer, entwining along vines.

When plants cover their eyes and shrink under their leaves,
When animals look for cover and try to go to sleep.

A scrawny hand, knocking on the window pane,
Surrounded by ghouls bound by chains.

The door creaks in deathly silence,
The light flashes, amidst sounds of violence.

Your blanket shifts in the dark,
The roaring, metronomic beats of your heart.

A hand slithers from under the bed,
arouse, arouse or soon you’ll be dead.

You flail around in your blanket, your mind, in a haze,
Sweat profusely, confused and dazed.

It’s time to scream.


There is only
One place
Where I can
Fnd myself
Neither here, nor in outer space
I hop
In the gardens of my thoughts
A gust of wind
Rushes in my face
I grab it in my fist
I give it a little bounce
I fly into the air
I tumble and
Fall back on the ground
I broke no bones
Here, you just don’t have to care
Things here are beautiful
Although far from real
You can swim in the air
On water you can run
But nothing hurts more
Than realizing this is
Just my imagination.

The Holy Wars

A young man stands on the edge of the world
Patient and ready, waiting to be heard.

All his children searching for a place to hide
Scattered all around, soothing and nursing their pride.

The young man looks as chaos arises,
Vexed and indignant, he shamefully sighs.

“Has anyone in this land courage to look me in my eyes?
Full of greed and spite, though you will immorally deny.

You’ve gone adrift of your ways and you’ve lost your minds.
You’ve ruined your lives over the passage of time.

You’ve heard of this man named God and pretend to love his name,
Fight over moulded religions and beliefs and bicker in vain.

I know what I’ve seen and I know what I’ve done,
I’ve travelled the world, I am his only son.

Let us clear our minds, our souls and our thoughts,
Remind us all of the battles we have fought.

For though the world claims to have progressed towards peace,
A man kills another just for tucking into beef.

Let us pledge to never repeat these crimes,
Though the damage done, will only heal over time.”

I’ll Be Gone

I should warn you I’ll be gone
No more singing along
How harsh it may sound
We were solid, we were bound
You were high or I was low
Supported each other, you’d know
But everything happens for the best
The bullet landing on my chest
Hearts breaking into two
Wishing one more minute of you
The armor of love didn’t work
We were destined to get the jerk
Remember how I peeked from the back
At you dancing on the track

But I should warn you I’ll be gone